Get to know Smart Recruiting

The intelligent recruitment and selection platform that puts people first

and helps recruiters and managers find talent faster

Technology that adapts to people

Human First

We value the time and experience of candidates and recruiters. We make the selection process more accessible, human, and light.
The best experience attracts the best candidates and strengthens your employer brand.

People are more than resumes

People Analytics

With a study of more than 25 years and 50,000 people, we have ushered in the era of behavioral prediction in R&S.
Perform behavioral assessment in volume and evaluate the result easily. Identify the potential of each individual and reduce uncertainties in your process.

Increase your R&S productivity


Freedom to build tailored selection processes.
Augmented intelligence empowers the recruiter and allows R&S to become a competitive advantage of your business.

Continuous diversity in your R&S

Natural Diversity

The greater the diversity, the easier it is to find the talent. 
The focus on the candidate's experience, the use of augmented intelligence, and the appreciation of human potential continually increase diversity in selection.

Customers of all sizes and segments

A complete system

Main features of Smart Recruiting

Simple Registration

Applicants apply in a few clicks, which ensures the necessary volume for selection

Cognitive screening of resumes

We analyze the resumes and classify the candidates according to the needs of the position

Behavioral Prediction

Learn how candidates tend to behave in the workplace

Pre-Interview Application

Send questions for the candidates to answer via video.

Customizable selection processes

Create processes with automations according to the needs of each job.

Automated Hunting

Search for strategic candidates simply and with ranking.

Careers Page

Create career pages to publish all your jobs automatically.

Automatic scheduling

Integrate agendas of those involved in the process for easy scheduling of interviews.

Humanized Feedback

Send automated, personalized feedback to all candidates.

New generation of recruitment and selection platforms

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Transform your selection process

Transform your recruiting process