4 reasons to stop using Talent Banks

Talent Bank

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They may even say that Talent Banks speed up selection processes, but in practice they only cover the sun with a sieve. After all, other problems are generated with them. I'll tell you 4 important reasons why. 

1. outdated or non-validated information

Too much time is lost with outdated subscriber informationThis makes it difficult for the recruiter to establish contact with possible candidates.

It is no use just storing and filtering data that is not validated with people. What ends up happening is gathering lots of useless information occupying space and hindering your selection processes. 

People don't update their data frequently in all the talent pools. Especially when they stop looking for a job opportunity. The last thing on the professional's mind is to return to the sites that were part of their daily routine. 

2. Collection of unnecessary personal information (LGPD)

If you don't already know, the LGPD has begun to take effect in Brazil and is already punishing those who fail to comply with its provisions. So, it is worth avoiding keeping this personal data for too long. 

O Leakage of this sensitive information can result in multi-million dollar fines for companies, but much of this data does not even interfere with the selection process. Trivializing huge forms full of details is a risk for you and your company.

See how important it is to use an LGPD compliant platform in your selection

Using Talent Banks limits your choices to the profiles that are registered there.

3. Profile Limit 

Why explore a lake when there are oceans? Using Talent Banks limits your choices to the profiles that are registered there. It is important to be aware that not every candidate profile is willing to fill out 50 fields to apply. 

4. Match inaccurate with vague

If you have ever registered in a Talent Bank, you must have received e-mails with opportunities that are strange, to say the least. What makes this happen is the misreading of resume information for lack of technology.

When it comes to searching for the most adequate resumes for a vacancy in a Talent Bank, inaccurate information reading prevails, eliminating resumes along the way. There is no selection by compatibility with the vacancy requirements, what happens is the exclusion of candidates. So, this kind of mistake hinders the application of candidates with profiles aligned to the vacancies and hinders the search of recruiters.

People are more than resumes

When you make a selection through Talent Banks you end up limiting the analysis with filters that explore only the resumes' data and when the candidates don't feel seen they express their dissatisfaction. Don't forget that candidates have power over your Employer Branding. 

They can attract candidates with their view of your brand, reputation is a crucial point in talent selection. When you go to a Talent Bank what the candidate sees is the name of that bank, not your brand, and previous experiences can prevent you from finding the best profiles.

This weakens the construction of your identity in the labor market, reduces the attractiveness of your jobs, and hinders your selection processes. 

A selection with Smart Recruiting

RECRUT.AI uses all the potential of Artificial Intelligence based on Smart Recruiting following four pillars: Human First, People Analytics, Automation, Natural Diversity. Our platform does not have a Talent Bank, it focuses on positive experience for the recruiter and candidate.

We have simplified the application with seven fields and filling them out in less than a minute. Our system lists the applicants after comparing the resume data with the job requirements, which ensures analysis of all applicants during the selection process.

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