Amanco + RECRUT.AI: 80% less selection time

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What brought Amanco to sign a partnership with RECRUT.AI was their selection time, the need for a simple tool that would bring the right talents quickly. The team of recruiters took 45 days to select a new collaborator, they needed to dedicate more time with the candidates. In addition to a tool responsible for the more technical processes. 

Amanco Wavin is a worldwide acting company of hydraulic pipes and connections. More than 2,000 employees work in Brazil, with plants in the states of São Paulo, Goiás, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina. Concerned about the welfare of people with sustainability in society, Amanco Wavin manufactures innovative products, but needed a force to innovate in its R&S. 

"I wish I had 3 openings to hire the 3 candidates, they are amazing"

Can you imagine having this problem? No, you have not got it wrong. It is not a scarcity of candidates, but too many very good people with everything you are looking for. This happened with Amanco Wavin, in one of the selections the manager expressed that "I wish I had 3 vacancies to hire the 3 candidates, they are amazing".

The best is that the selection with RECRUT.AI presents the ranking of the candidates based on objective analysis, eliminating conscious and unconscious biases. It means that the results are fair, with the Artificial Intelligence analysis without taking into account aspects that prevent us from finding the right talents.

"Paper accepts everything. What you read on a resume is not always so accurate. We recently selected three amazing professionals with ages above 50. In the traditional process, in many companies, the age factor could eliminate them already at the beginning."
Ana Winckler
HR Director of Amanco Wavin Brazil

Innovation in Recruitment and Selection

"We had great results in the aspect of agility, assertiveness, diversity, and great match of the behavioral fit of the recruits."
Ana Winckler
HR Director of Amanco Wavin Brazil

Right at the beginning of the partnership the average selection time went from 45 days to 10 days for the first open position in RECRUT.AI, a reduction of 80% of the hiring time. And the screening of resumes, which is the first stage of the process, was reduced by 90%. 

Signing up just got easier! In less than 1 minute you can give the last click, which resulted in a 60% increase in enrollments in several functions, from the operational to the managerial level. Not to mention the improved candidate experience. 

Attract candidates for better results

"Exciting and inspiring! These are the main words that, for me, define this process. It really surprised me, all the details, the questions, the music makes a difference, I felt super involved and focused to answer the questions... I have never participated in something like this. It was a very positive and innovative experience"
Feedback right after answering the Behavioral Fit

So, are you ready to innovate your R&S globally with RECRUT.AI? Schedule a demo right now.

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