ATS for Smart Recruiting: 100% more productivity

ATS for Smart Recruiting 300% more productivity

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With RECRUT.AI we can optimize the management of a greater volume of vacancies and redirect time to other activities, such as attracting talent

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the ATS platform that San Paolo was using did not meet the speed required for Retail. With the high demand generated by customer servicethe branches were feeling the slowness of filling the positions. This was a key change point for the company's national operation to increase productivity.


San Paolo was founded in Fortaleza - Ceará, in 2012 and today is present in the states of: Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Pará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and São Paulo. 


Voted the best ice cream parlor in the Northeast and 7th in the country, San Paolo decided to migrate its talent selection system two years ago to support the demands of all its branches, centralizing its selections in a single HR team..

Agility for Retail Selections

If you have a nationwide company you must understand the difficulties of this task. Each state has its market particularities. How can candidates be found? Which channels are most used? How are the dynamics of the process?

At San Paolo about 90% of the jobs are operationalAt San Paolo about 90% of the jobs are operational, working directly at the points of sale. This means that when one person leaves, he or she makes a big difference and needs to be replaced quickly.

Ezequias dos Santos, People and Culture at San Paolo, felt the need to migrate to a new platform, because he was responsible for managing together with the administrative representatives in each state, all the selective processes . It was a matter of urgency!

The change to RECRUT.AI brought the possibility of expanding and centralizing the processes. The technology allowed the hiring of more people, HR gained more strength with total administration of the selective processes and expansion of the sector's performance, adding greater integration to the business strategies.

We migrated to RECRUT.AI in the beginning of 2020 and today when we post a vacancy, we start receiving applications for selection in the 9 states where we operate.

With RECRUT.AI the SLA of hiring is on average 7 days for Customer Service employees, and administrative vacancies are not far behind, with an SLA of 13 days. Not to mention that, with the centralization of the process the vacancies went from 20 to 80 opportunities with RECRUT.AIRECRUT.AI, an increase of 300% in the team's productivity!


And the managers follow all the details of the processes through unlimited access to RECRUT.AI.

Attending to Candidates

"The support team is wonderful, the response time is very fast. The difference in service for the candidates is noticeable. This is another point that has changed for the better," confirms Ezequias.


RECRUT.AI's Customer Success team was fundamental to increase the productivity of the HR sector and allowed us to manage selections in 9 Brazilian states. Besides a service to all our users, they also do the first level customer service for the candidates. 

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