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Turnover Reduction in the Call Center

From 100 to 0 (zero) turnover in the Service sector with Behavioral Prediction, our unique feature

Technology that empowers the recruiter

Results achieved

Clin Digital has begun using Behavioral Prediction in its Care processes, aligning the appropriate behaviors for working with patients. 

Reducing turnover
More time to dedicate to people
Reduced selection time
"With RECRUT.AI we were able to identify the right FIT for our Service team. Thus we were able to zero out voluntary resignation requests. In 2021 we had no requests. It was a milestone for our operation."
Vannessa Souza
Head of Culture and People at Clin

How to choose the ideal
profiles for the vacancies?

With RECRUT.AI it is possible to do Behavioral Prediction for the work environment.

What is Behavioral Prediction?

Behavioral Prediction uses historical and statistical data to predict people's attitudes in the work environment. 

This is the result of studies with more than 50,000 people worldwide.

How does Behavioral Prediction help identify talent?

It is possible to analyze 21 behavioral traits in the workplace through the BIG 5 methodology and Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, we identify the profiles that match the deliverables of the opportunity according to the needs pointed out by the recruiter.

People Analytics

Accelerate the entire selection process

Gains from full use of the platform

With Behavioral Prediction it was possible to conclude the year 2021 without any resignation requests. The gain in time allowed HR to create a People Committee, focusing on the development of employees.


Manual selection process, most candidates had no fit with the vacancies, team with no time


Intelligent and automated selection process, helping recruiters to be increasingly strategic

Main functionalities used by Clin

The recruiters' favourites

Simple Registration

Applicants apply in a few clicks, which ensures the volume needed for selection.

Automatic Screening

We analyze the resumes and rank the candidates according to the needs of the position.

Behavioral Prediction

Learn how candidates tend to behave in the workplace.

Centralize all information

Increase the organization
of your processes

RECRUT.AI is a platform with solutions for all stages of recruitment and selection. We gather all candidate information respecting the LGPD and allowing unlimited logins to manage opportunities. 

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