Inova Network Case

Reduza seu tempo de
contratação em TI

Selection time reduced by 95% with Automated Hunting

Increased Recruiter Productivity

Main results

Rede Inova started using Automated Hunting in the search for IT professionals, became more efficient in the active candidate search processes, and hired faster.

Hunting time reduction
Reduced time to make contact with candidates
Reduced selection time
Cost reduction with the selection process

Agilidade na contratação de
profissionais de TI

Por trabalhar com licitações, a Rede Inova precisa aumentar imediatamente o quadro de
colaboradores de TI. Os recrutadores enfrentavam dois grandes desafios.

Escassez de candidatos

The search for IT professionals in Brazil is so high that there are more open positions than candidates to fill them. 

These professionals rarely enroll in selection processes and an active search for professionals is necessary.

High investment

Due to the high demand, it was necessary to hire consultants to assist, as well as an internal team that helped in the whole selection process.

Besides having an extremely operational process, the searches were long and not assertive.

"Consegui em uma semana estar com três candidatos para vaga de fullstack.
Para mim foi como trocar um Fusca por uma Ferrari."
Thiago Oliveira
Operations Manager

We find and rank the candidates according to the job profile!

Don't waste time searching for professionals!

Through the job requirement, our augmented intelligence finds and ranks talent on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Behance, helping the recruiter identify the candidates who are best suited for the position.

Perfect functionality for strategic, low-subscription, confidential contractions.

Gains throughout the selection process

Gains from full use of the platform

Now it is possible to find the professionals with the right skills within 48 hours.


The process took at least 45 days in all


Contact with classified candidates within hours

Automated selection process

Faça como a Rede Inova e automatize
seus processo de Hunting

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