Smart hiring: an inclusive selection

Smart hiring an inclusive selection

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Selections are often interpreted as a form of exclusion. Filters determine whether someone's experience or background is a deterrent to continuing in a process. This structure can often privilege certain gender, ethnicity, and class. But is it possible to change this kind of structure and make selection inclusive?

We were born to include

Many platforms talk about inclusion in recruitment, but RECRUT.AI was born committed to inclusion. The strategies used are "Hidden Resume", "Hidden Vacancy" or "Neutral Recruitment". These names mean the same thing: that these selections identify fundamental skills and prioritize the candidates' behavior, eliminating unconscious biasesThey eliminate unconscious biases to minimize points that can become barriers.

Our process follows the pillars Smart Recruiting! A methodology that includes all these characteristics and goes far beyond the so-called "Hidden Resume" to make the selection inclusive.

Jobs that require unnecessary skills, training at specific universities, or experience incompatible with the position HAVE NO PLACE HERE, because our selection funnels are designed to analyze all candidates with the same criteria and only then rank/qualify the candidates without excluding anyone.

Inclusive Selection = Natural Diversity

One of the four pillars of Smart Recruiting is the Natural Diversity identified at the conclusion of our clients' recruitments. We have increased the percentage of women in shop floor selectionsWe have delivered 50+ qualified profiles to managers who had never seen it happen before.

This is because we consider 100% of the candidates with objective criteria, both in the technical requirements needed for each opportunity and in each person's ability to deliver the behaviors needed for the objectives of the position. We do not evaluate age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Our platform increasingly evolves to minimize disadvantages and recognize profiles with the same values as the institution, adding inclusion in the selection. 

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