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"Today we rank candidates, not eliminate them".
Vannessa Souza
Head of Culture and People at Clin

The biggest challenge of the operational area was turnover; in six months the whole team had left, most of them due to voluntary resignation. Now imagine closing a year with no records of resignations? That's what Clin achieved in 2021 with the RECRUT.AI platform. 

Clin Digital is the largest dental plan in the Northeasthas national emergency coverage, has six branches, over 200,000 beneficiaries, and over 100 employees. One of Clin's biggest pains in 2020 was the Customer Service sector, which had high turnover and low retention of employees. 

Vannessa Souza, Head of Culture and People at Clin, worked with managers to transform this reality in operational vacancies. With RECRUT.AI she succeeded define the requirements aligned with the vacancies and company objectivesWith RECRUT.AI, this was only possible with the use of a technology that optimizes processes, allowing her to devote herself to think about the business before setting up the vacancies. 

"With RECRUT.AI we were able to identify the right FIT for our Service team. Thus we were able to zero out voluntary resignation requests. In 2021 we had no requests. It was a turnover milestone for our operation."
Vannessa Souza
Head of Culture and People at Clin

One point that drove this result for Vannessa and the Clin leadership team is the Behavioral Fit, as well as the visibility of the vacancies on social networks. After selecting the behavioral requirements of the vacancy, the platform performs a lexical analysis of the candidates' answers, performed by artificial intelligence. The recruiter receives a shortlist based on predictive behavior. Currently, the first places always receive approval for the next steps

Gerlene Maria, Operations Supervisor at Clin, highlights the key change that RECRUT.AI provided in how the selection process was seen. "We saw that the profile of the professional who likes to relate with people is important for our client and also for us. When the person is open to listen they can transmit well the orientation to the client and can have good conflict resolution skills during the service," says Gerlene. 

Thinking about the behavioral part, the most suitable profiles for various levels of vacancy were put together. "The skills we have placed and the prerequisites of the CV analysis have resulted in the approval of the top ranked candidates, who, even when they are not hired, go to an internal bank. These top rankers are remembered in new opportunities, eliminating for several times the need to open a new vacancy

This has allowed managers to currently only participate in the final interview stage. "Only one person handles the R&S at Clin, and RECRUT.AI helps a lot to make this possible. Currently I only participate in the meeting phase with the manager, because the process is already very well structured. With that, my time is currently dedicated to the people who work with meI am able to help them develop at Clin", highlights Gerlene.

Candidate Experience: Humanizing R&S

The candidate experience is the main focus of the RECRUT.AI platform and a major factor in reducing turnover. Delivering simplicity in a more human experience and value generation for both parties. 

Elayne Morais has already gone through the process twice and guarantees that her first experience on a selection platform was very positive. "I found it very interesting because it is something that doesn't make you nervous, because at the moment of the answers, it's just you and the platform. Leaving the person free to write whatever they want," she declares.

Elayne joined Clin in the Customer Service department and after 8 months in the company went through an internal selection process also through the RECRUT.AI Platform, which resulted in her promotion to Back Office. During the processes what she liked the most was the way the Behavioral FIT step is performed. 

"The questions, because they were about daily life, about memories, about the person's fears, made me comfortable to answer, because it was something I knew. In other selection processes they asked questions that I didn't know what to answer. In RECRUT.AI the questions are related to your reality.
Elayne Morais
Back Office at Clin

New focus without turnover

With RECRUT.AI managers are more dedicated to the development of their teamsit was difficult to focus on this aspect with the old way of recruiting and selection. It is also possible to give more attention to other points of business planning when turnover is no longer a constant concern. "Currently Clin's concern is to have the same tone of voice with all people, whether beneficiaries, candidates or employees. The lightness of RECRUT.AI allows this alignment, because that's how we are around here too," explains Vannessa. 

Vannessa reports that the time saving was such that the People Committee was created, and the biggest focus is think about the development, whether of training or actions that contribute to the career path of the Operations team at Clin , because they have people with appropriate profiles for the position now. This was only possible with the reduction of time, turnover and the higher quality in the RECRUT.AI results in the selection stage.

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