Video Interview: New Model for Generation Z 

Video interview new model for Generation Z

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For the generation of content creators who get in front of the camera, nothing beats video interviews. But the question for recruiters arises: video can be great for socializing and creating content for entertainment, but are they the best option for selection?


Several companies are already looking for new employees by video, which is making more success among the new generation of young adults, the so-called Generation Z. Unlike Millennials, their predecessors Gen Z has already grown up integrated with technologysmartphones and the like.


Because they have a different relationship with cameras, this generation is more uninhibited when it comes to sharing their ideas on video. To get closer to this group, some companies are seeking candidates on some of these networks. 

Can recruiters see all these videos?

With the awareness that often the videos for selections are not viewed because of the scarce time of recruitersRECRUT.AI has created an application focused on short videos and objective questions to allow candidates to generate content that will actually be analyzed. As detailed by our CEO, Patrick Gouy, in participation in Tiagocast.

How to do a video interview

ENTREVIST.AI can be downloaded on Android and IOS and allows recruiters to insert time-limited questions for selected candidates. The application provides a secure environment for protecting candidate data and more detailed candidate information even before the first interview.

Unformatted video content with all questions briefed beforehand for candidates to record marry well with selections that involve content creation and marketing. However, they lose the naturalness of the answers, since the videos can be recorded and edited several times.

In ENTREVIST.AI the candidates receive the questions only at the moment of recording their answers, delivering their natural reactions and responses. The candidate has three chances to record and send the video so that the recruiter receives the video interview recordings. 

The questions are designed by the recruiters, as is the maximum video-answer time. This way the chances of all the videos being watched increase immensely. It is worth including INTERREVIST.AI in your selections.

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