Candidate Experience: What do they say about your company?

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In recent months, negative feedback from candidates on social media about selection platforms has been a constant. With the possibility of sharing their dissatisfactions, candidates have bet on appealing beyond their bubbles and end up finding thousands of dissatisfied people. This wave of complaints are related topoor candidate experience during selection processes

How many applicants don't apply for your position because of ATS?

This is a topic that is going viral on the networks, and in late April a story was published on the Tecnoblog site about the complaints from candidates. The following entry is featured in the text and exemplifies the behavior that is becoming common among candidates on traditional ATS platforms.

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Evaluate how the candidate experience is in your selection process, because offering a bad experience greatly increases the chances of losing great candidates. The complaints usually revolve around three main points that are in the title of this article: 

1 - Extensive registration;
2 - Long selection process, with many steps;
3 - Shallow and and untimely.
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In this other testimonial the candidate recounts the frustrating experience of applying. This is a crucial time for you to attract the best talent! Asking the candidate to rewrite the resume on an application makes good candidates give up. 
In a conventional ATS it is necessary to create a login and password and fill out an extensive registration form that even asks for sensitive information, such as the applicant's CPF, something that is prohibited by LGPD
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If the candidate can get past the registration the path does not improve. Communication with the candidate is practically non-existent, leaving the registrants in the dark, not knowing if the position is still open, whether they have been approved or not.

Read the full story at this link: read here

How to create a positive journey

Taking these points into account, it can be determined that the future of recruiting lies in focusing on the Candidate Experience. But how to do this? 

First of all, update your software!

ATS was created in the 1980s and no longer makes sense today. Smart Recruiting is the new generation platform and has Human First as one of its fundamental pillars. With it, people are put first, this ensures faster enrollment and a high degree of customization, allowing only key steps in each process. 
Human First also benefits recruiters with an intuitive easy deployment and intuitive use that allows greater productivity in the selection processes. These are the differentials between processes with ATS and with Smart Recruiting: 
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What candidates say about Smart Recruiting proves the transformation Smart Recruiting promotes in their company.

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These are the testimonials of candidates who made selection with RECRUT.AI. 
With Smart Recruiting, candidates register in less than 1 minute and feel comfortable with the objectivity of the tests, which are tailored to the needs of each selection. When the candidate answers a behavioral test, the o the result is presented in all the selection processes he/she is participating in, in any RECRUT.AI client. 
The feedbacks are customized according to each candidate's experience and are not sent on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or on the candidate's birthday. A humanized treatment to ensure that they will be surprised by your company.
Taking care of the candidate experience improves talent attraction and also strengthens your Employer Brand. All communication needs to be done with your brand and not with the name of the tool, people want to talk to other people and not receive automated messages, your processes need to value the potential of candidates, so you reduce turnover
But that is a subject for our next conversation. Until then!

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