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We find and rank the candidates according to the job profile!

Don't waste time searching for professionals!

Through the job requirement, our augmented intelligence finds and ranks talent on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Behance, helping the recruiter identify the candidates who are best suited for the position.

Funcionalidade perfeita para contratações estratégicas, com poucas inscrições e confidenciais.

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You define the technical requirements of the vacancy, as well as the location (if any).

Our robots search several professional networks for candidates who meet the needs of the vacancy. 

We find and rank the candidates according to the job requirements, delivering a ranking of the most suitable candidates.

We present, on the main Hunting screen, the company the professional works for and the time in the position, so that you can easily identify the professionals who are most likely to change.

We have plans starting at two recurring hires per month, and can reach more than 1,000 hires per month.

If you have momentary hiring, you can consult one of our partners.

The recruitment and selection team is able to find qualified talent faster and can focus on the touch points with the candidates.

Any recruiter can be a headhunter with Automated Hunting.

The candidates have a humanized experience during all stages.

The company sees turnover reduction with the selection of employees more aligned with its values.

The Automated Hunting feature is available starting with the Advanced plan.

You can learn about all the plans here.

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