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The challenge of attracting the most capable people will always be present, however, when we talk about the health area the technical capacity has a much greater weight: the weight of a lifetime. Emilio Ribas found in RECRUT.AI's technology the way for a more objective selective process to identify talents . Bringing innovation to HR in health.

Emilio Ribas has been working with laboratory exams for more than 40 years and currently has 19 service units in Fortaleza. It has 412 collaborators, valuing transparency, credibility in the results of the exams, and the trust of the clients and the team.

How was Recruitment and Selection

The company had a very manual selection process, the résumés arrived by e-mail, and normally came from the employees themselves. Many of the profiles received had no adherence to the function

"Pet shop attendants and supermarket attendants used to come in, and the laboratory has a totally different type of service. We have to deal with sick people, in a vulnerable moment and this requires a specific experience. specific experienceWe have to deal with sick people, at a vulnerable moment, and this requires a specific experience", registers Helen Alves, HR assistant. 

Behavioral Prediction for 100% of the candidates

"What matters most to Emilio Ribas are our values aligned with the candidates' values, so we use Behavioral Prediction in all positions."
Glória Gonçalves
HR Coordinator at Emilio Ribas

Through our Behavioral Prediction the team counts on greater attraction of qualified people for opportunitieswith a fairer, more assertive, and professional process. 

Instead of indications, the Emilio Ribas receives endless applications. As the process was digitalized with RECRUT.AI's features, bringing more information in less time to recruiters. Now the process of resume analysis that used to take 1 week is now 1 day with RECRUT.AI. 

Turnover with RECRUT.AI hiring dropped by + 50%!

Prediction in selection also increased the assertiveness in the interview stage. Before, 10 people were called for a conversation and 2 were approved, with RECRUT.AI, 8 out of 10 are approved. . quadrupling the number of people selected due to the high quality of the results. This also led to a long-term reduction in turnoverThis also led to a decrease of more than 50%.  

Finding professionals who don't sign up

With RECRUT.AI it is also possible search for strategic profiles that don't usually sign upwith RECRUT.AI , on opportunities that need to be filled urgently. 

O Automated Hunting searches and presents a shortlist with the professionals who best fit the opportunity profile enabling a faster response from R&S. Another differential with RECRUT.AI is the elimination of unconscious biases.

In the following example, we identified 112 pediatric physician professionals who were ranked according to the needs of the position. If the HR professional goes to LinkedIn to perform the same search, he will find 3,200 professionals, without any ranking and will spend much of the R&S time in selecting candidates.

case emilio ribas rh saúde_1
RECRUT.AI Automated Hunting Results for a Pediatrician in Recife

Aligning Healthcare HR with Technology

Now R&S has the Emilio Ribas way, ensuring the best process for the company and the candidates. 

"I can feel the humanization in the RECRUT.AI process. When I used other platforms I felt that they were very standardized, didn't have flexibility, possibility to talk directly with the candidate. In RECRUT.AI you have freedom, flexibility to talk directly with the candidate, including, giving him a more humanized feedback."
Glória Gonçalves
HR Coordinator at Emilio Ribas

Don't wait any longer to bring your R&S to RECRUT.AI and improve the experience of your team, your candidates, and your company's position in society! Schedule a demonstration right now

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