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Tech recruiters can now rely on technology to accelerate the search for technically qualified professionals. Hunting is a active search strategy for professionals for strategic positions or those with high scarcity, as is the case of IT. It is a type of "treasure hunt" that requires recruiters to dedicate time and develop search and persuasion skills to attract talent. 

The number of qualified professionals is lower than the number needed to supply the market demand. In Brazil, about 46 thousand people graduate per year in the tech area, but, according to Brasscom (Brazilian Association of Information Technology Companies) the market demand is 70 thousand.

While the country is breaking unemployment records, the technology sector is going in the opposite direction, advertising more job openings than there are professionals in the market. This makes companies compete for professionals among themselves and invest in the formation of young talents. 

Active Hunting

This is why to stay competitive, companies need to be active in looking for the right people. And that is why every tech recruiter is a headhunter

People who know the job requirements well, adopt a search routine, have extensive networking, and are always up-to-date with market movements. Then they still need to have a convincing strategy and good negotiation power with potential hires.

Tech recruiters know well the challenges of getting a position filled. What if I told you that there is already a technology designed to shorten that search?

Tech Recruiters also need technology

That is why I present to you RECRUT.AI Automated Hunting! A tool that eliminates the need for daily manual search in several social and professional networks. With it the recruiter is no longer dependent on limiting variables such as networking and hours of dedication in this search, which makes your options limited, thus moving to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence

O Automated Hunting from RECRUT.AI is avant-garde in the way of doing this "talent hunting" and has a great answer for IT professionals. With it every recruiter can become a headhunter

The Inova Network has managed to reduce the hiring time for senior IT positions by 95%.

"Before, the stages of identification, selection and interview with the correct profile of the professional took at least 45 days, but with RECRUT.AI this time was reduced by 95%. We find the professionals with the right skills in up to 48 hours now", says Thiago Oliveira, Operations Manager of the Inova Network.

One of Thiago's open jobs, of Sr. Data Analyst, took three months in capturing potential employees. But, the day it was launched with RECRUT.AI's Automated Hunting he managed to gather potential candidates in 24h ! He interviewed the professional with the right profile in 48h and then presented a proposal. 

How does Automated Hunting work?

Our robot is able to do an Active Huntingon LinkedIn and GitHub.Our robot is able to scan only public user data focusing on the requirements of the position that needs to be filled. As soon as this scan is finished the robot creates a ranking with the candidates who have the highest FIT with the vacancy for the recruiter to prioritize the contact. 

In the case of IT jobs, our hunting is done for analyze the technical profile of each personto make sure that the professional can meet the demand and has the necessary qualifications. 

"Vacancies arise from day to night here, due to the projects we participate in, In this sense RECRUT.AI gives us more security to expand our operations"
Thiago Oliveira
Inova Network Operations Manager

The platform presents all the profiles, with the public information they make available, as well as the link to access the page on the professional network. We automate the scouting of talents and prioritize them so that recruiters focus on what is most important: a approach and the convincing strategy. After all, human empathy is irreplaceable.

And then, let's join your talent as a recruiter with Automated Hunting to find the IT professional the right way? Come with RECRUT.AI!

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