Decrease your Turnover with
Behavioral Prediction!

Agility and precision in the choice of candidates

Identify the candidates with most adherent to your vacancies through a questionnaire that is quick to answer and easy to analyze.

Assertiveness among the finalists
Reduced selection time
NPS of excellence among candidates
Reduction of turnover

Quick-answer questionnaire

Anyone can answer!

Your candidates will answer ONLY 5 personal, open-ended questions in about 5 minutes. An accessible format regardless of education level.

An experience with modern design, a relaxing environment, and an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 92%, a level of excellence according to the candidates. 

It doesn't even sound like selection process 🙂 !

Ease of interpretation

Our prediction is unique in the market. Choose 5 main behaviors in each position and have a shortlist with the most adherent candidates.

A quick and effective way to identify the candidates most likely to succeed in the role. We have mapped 21 behaviors such as "Potential for Sales", "Low Procrastination", "Good Interpersonal Relationship", exclusive information for you to see beyond the assessment.

The results of this step are easily seen and interpreted through a ranking of percentages ranging from 0% to 100%, indicating the candidates whose behavioral tendency is most adherent to what you need.

Method and Science

It took more than 2 years of Research and Development to develop a solution simple for candidates and efficient for recruiters.

We use the BIG 5 methodology, the world's largest human personality descriptor and research with more than 55,000 people conducted globally..

Turning Data into Intelligence

The recruiter may apply the Behavioral Performance to ALL of their candidates without having to restrict it only to the finalists! HR and managers will have access to exclusive information instantly, directing the selection by data and prediction, eliminating unconscious biases and with a higher success rate.

The ease of interpreting the data allows the recruiter to assign to each process the behaviors aligned with the opportunityaiming at the objectives of the position.



Find the match between company and candidate

Behavioral prediction is scientifically proven, check out its advantages:

Conventional ATS

90% dropout rate due to bureaucracy
in the selection process

Smart Recruiting

Our behavioral prediction guarantees
greater assertiveness among the finalists

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