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Rede Inova, a consolidated company in the Information Technology (IT) sector, 25 years in the market and 11 years specializing in data management services, BI and Apps Creation. With northeastern blood, the company is located in Fortaleza and works on projects throughout the country. That is why it always has many vacancies in IT.

The Inova Network works with companies in the private and public sectors, with bids in the Technology areaThis means that, in the case of tenders, for each new project the demand to find the right talent is always high and urgent. Requiring the immediate increase of 10% to 20% in the workforce

In addition to the difficulty already known to all, the high demand for IT professionals in the national market, the way the selection processes were carried out involved the cost of external consultancies and LinkedIn Recruiter, as well as a greater amount of time and energy. Big challenges when it comes to the need for immediate hiring.

In control of your Recruitment & Selection in IT vacancies

The Smart Recruiting concept emerges as the next step in ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It consists of going far beyond eliminating manual processes in R&S. It is the application of a concept of a new way to screen talent.

"I managed in one week to be with three candidates for a fullstack position. For me it was like exchanging a VW Beetle for a Ferrari.
Thiago Oliveira
Inova Network Operations Manager

Inova Network started to use the Automated Hunting in the search for professionals for IT vacancies, at any level of experience Junior/ Plenary/ Senior, and started to have a Impressive time savings in the search for these professionals and cost savings thanks to RECRUT.AI

The changes most felt with Automated Hunting were: 

  • From 15 days to 8 hours : Agility in finding the IT professionals with the right profile;
  • With career page, description link, and customized steps : Professionalism in the selection process;
  • From 30 days to less than 48 hours : Gain time to contact candidates;
  • 30% Cost Cut : Cost reduction in the selection process.

The process that took at least 45 days in total was reduced to 24 hours, a 95% reduction in selection time.

"Before, the stages of identification, selection and interview with the right professional took at least 45 days, but with RECRUT.AI this time has been reduced by 95%. Now we find the professionals with the right skills in up to 48 hours."
Thiago Oliveira
Inova Network Operations Manager

The position of Senior Data Analyst was open for three months, with RECRUT.AI's Automated Hunting it was possible gather potential candidates in 24h! Thiago interviewed one of the top ranked professionals and, 48 hours after using the platform, presented a proposal to the right professional. 

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