Smart Recruiting: the future of R&S arrives in Brazil

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Smart Recruiting is a concept that proposes to facilitate the work of recruiters through technology, creating a faster, more humane and fairer selection process. This method is already being applied internationally and RECRUT.AI brought it to the Brazilian reality.

It is not enough to say you are doing Smart Recruiting by applying only a few points. For this, it is necessary to work on the human part, on the diversity of talents, on artificial intelligence, and to value the skills that can be developed. All this implies in overcoming some selection process vices

Too often recruiters still apply filters of age, education and experience that end up reducing the chances of finding the best candidates who applied for the position. Apart from that we still have our unconscious biases to circumvent in the middle of the road.

After all, we live in a society full of pre-established concepts about who should occupy certain positions. And so we keep repeating the same story and we stop the diversity in the teams, preventing the enrichment of the team. ability to innovate

What is Smart Recruiting?

The Smart Recruiting concept emerges as the next step in ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It consists of going far beyond eliminating manual processes in R&S. It is the application of a concept of a new way to screen talent.

Why is it important?

It prioritizes aspects that influence experience and results. It looks at everyone involved with objectivity, strategy, and humanization. It reduces selection time, employee turnover makes recruitment strategic and allows to focus on the development of people. 

Learn how to recognize Smart

To be really smart recruitment needs to have these characteristics: 

  • Human First

Technology that adapts to people, not people adapting to technology. It values the candidate's experience, making the selection process more accessible, simple, and human;

  • People Analytics

People are more than resumes. After 25 years of studies with +50,000 people, we inaugurate the era of Behavioral Prediction in R&S. It identifies the potential of each individual and reduces the uncertainties of the process;

  • Automation

Freedom to build processes of custom selection. The increased intelligence at the recruiter's disposal allows R&S to stop being a supporting actor and become a competitive advantage of your business;

  • Natural Diversity

The greater the diversity, the easier it is to find talent. The focus on the candidate's experience, the use of augmented intelligence and valuing human potential continuously increase diversity in selection.

Meet who already does

RECRUT.AI performs all these practices applying the Big Five methodology. A model that identifies the tendency of people's behavior with a lexical analysis, made from questions related to the candidate's experiences, in this way it is possible to identify 21 personality traits. 

The recruiter has the autonomy to create the process according to his needs with:

  • Cognitive Screening of resumes that allows for high volumes;
  • Behavioral prediction in the workplace;
  • Automated Hunting capable of finding unregistered candidates;
  • Quick video interviews via application;
  • Automatic appointment scheduling to accelerate important conversations;
  • Cognitive Feedback according to the candidate's interactions, no negative submissions on weekends, holidays or on birthday. 


All this without asking invasive questions or requiring only technical knowledge. 

Take your R&S to the next level with RECRUT.AI. Schedule a demo now.

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