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You may have come across one or more LinkedIn posts from candidates complaining about selection processes. Whether it's the endless application forms, not getting feedback, feeling cheated at confusing stages, or having to take tests that have nothing to do with the role, and so on. And the whole process starts with the candidate's experience in applying for the opportunity. 

Times have changed and now providing a good candidate experience means attracting the best talent for your company. But are you thinking about it?

Experience with a recruitment software causes complaints from candidates such as: 

  • Robotic treatment;
  • Questions that don't make sense;
  • Absence of feedbacks.

The candidate's experience is worse than it seems

"As many as 90% of applicants abandon applying for a job opening because of frustrating experience with ATS"

This is not just us or the candidates' testimonials, but a 2021 InFlight survey that showed a bottleneck in attracting the best candidates to companies: experience during application. 

Often up to 90% the amount of applicants who drop out for a job opening because of the frustrating experience with ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

It often seems that it is just a complaint from the candidates, but for the company the negative aspects are even worse, and they certainly affect you. 

Many of the ATS use their own brand in communications, and this creates confusion in the candidate's interpretation, as well as weaken the company's Employer Brand. Not to mention that there are ATSs out there taking advantage of the moment your candidate signs up to direct him or her to another portal with a plethora of other job options that are not yours.

A multitude of clicks later...

InFlight's survey of Fortune 500 companies found that the average time to complete an application is 4:52 minutes and it takes 51 clicks to complete it .

From this study some conclusions about enrollment were reached:

  • Remove information that can be obtained later or by other means;
  • Eliminate questions that will not be understood by all candidates;
  • Ask yourself which clicks are important;
  • The subscription page should be an extension of your careers pagepage, with its clear branding and constant identity;
  • Make sure your careers site is optimized for Google;
  • Avoid account creation and authentication before you begin registration.

Attract candidates for better results

Do you know who has always followed these guidelines? RECRUT.AI!

In RECRUT.AI the registration has 7 fields and takes less than 1 minute. Using the same method as the InFlight survey, we checked only 15 clicks needed to complete the registration!

Our form has only essential questionsform, without asking for sensitive data, fully compliant with LGPD. So the candidate does not need to leave the page to confirm their email address or create a new account.

The application stays on your Careers Page linked to your website. Everything with your brandYou can set your tone, creating the environment perfect environment for you to shine. This helps candidates identify your company. 

Our integration with job posting sites helps Google show your link in search results. This makes it much easier for the best candidates to find you

We have an 80% NPS among candidates

That's right, the Satisfaction Survey is 80%. among the candidates that use RECRUT.AI. A far cry from the reality of other ATS, ours puts the human experience at the center, providing a great reputation for your company. These are some of the spontaneous testimonials we have received:

applicant's experience_1

Enhance your Employer Brand with the best talent. Come to RECRUT.AI! Schedule a demonstration now.

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