Eliminate your search time and prioritize your contacts!

Our robots find the professional you need you need quickly so you can focus on the right professionals

Exclusive tool for candidate hunting

How much time do you spend searching on LinkedIn?

When candidates don't apply you need to search. Don't waste time, our technology does it for you!

More Productivity for Recruiters

Results achieved

By using Automated Hunting in the search for IT professionals, your recruiters will gain productivity and hire faster.

Reducing Inova Network contracting time
AON Hunting time reduction
Cost reduction with the selection process

We seek candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub and Behance

We find candidates and prioritize contact

Through the need for the vacancy, our augmented intelligence finds the talents and ranks them, helping the recruiter to identify the candidates who are most suitable for the vacancy.

Perfect functionality for strategic, low-subscription, confidential contractions.

Automation RECRUIT

The only platform that helps you with hunting

Hunting Management

  • Mark your favorite candidates;
  • Identify the candidates you are in contact with;
  • Record observations about each candidate;
  • Record of interaction between managers and recruiters on each candidate.

A complete system

Main functionalities used by technology companies

Simple Registration

Applicants apply in a few clicks, which ensures the necessary volume for selection

Cognitive screening of resumes

We analyze the resumes and classify the candidates according to the needs of the position

Behavioral Prediction

Learn how candidates tend to behave in the workplace

Pre-Interview Application

Send questions for the candidates to answer via video.

Customizable selection processes

Create processes with automations according to the needs of each job.

Automated Hunting

Search for strategic candidates simply and with ranking.

Careers Page

Create career pages to publish all your jobs automatically.

Automatic scheduling

Integrate agendas of those involved in the process for easy scheduling of interviews.

Humanized Feedback

Send automated, personalized feedback to all candidates.

A system that strengthens your employer brand

Your candidates will love it and will refer your company to friends and family

Grandes marcas que confiam na RECRUT.AI

Get to know the frequently asked questions

RECRUT.AI is a complete recruitment and selection tool. We help our clients with flexibility for creating selection processes, cognitive screenings, behavioral analysis, feedback automations, recorded interviews and much more!

Our solution is designed for all companies that have recurring hires.

If you have momentary hiring, you can consult one of our partners.

The recruitment and selection team is able to find qualified talent faster and can focus on the touch points with the candidates.

With our Hunting tool, any recruiter can be a headhunter!

The candidates have a humanized experience during all stages.

The company sees turnover reduction with the selection of employees more aligned with its values.

RECRUT.AI is prepared to attend any volume of recurrent hiring. 

We customize our plans according to the needs of each client. You can learn more about all our plans here.

Are we going to transform your company's recruiting and selection process?

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