Culture Trend: You hire whole people 

Culture Trend: You hire whole people

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An employee is also a person, a mother, a father, someone's child, with problems, difficulties. It is necessary to have a culture that takes in all the dimensions of the individuals. Many external factors can affect performance, job satisfaction, and quality of delivery. Companies are made up of people, so when people do well, your company does well.

Increasingly this notion that companies need to think about the people they hire is gaining importance among workers. This is what the "Global Talent Trends, 2022" survey, released by LinkedIn and conducted globally through the analysis of internal surveys and interactions on the platform, shows. 

No "Children's Buffet" culture

Remember the boom of games in companies? The fashion was to have ping pong tables, TVs, beanbags, coffee breaks. Then, people ended up realizing that these changes were only superficial, and that after they were hired, they would lose a little of their luster. 

It is not enough to have a culture of appearances without empathy for others when it comes to hiring people.

The Great Resignation (Great Resignation), or the Great Resignation, as companies are having to adapt to the demands of their workers. Especially if we think about the near future.


The mass dismissal that occurred in 2021 in the USA, known as the Great Resignation, which has already hit the Brazilian job market, forces companies to think ahead. After all, many people from the Boomers and Zoomers generations, who were close to retirement or already retired, took advantage of the pandemic to sign their retirement papers.


Corporations will only remain if they are prepared prepared for the demands of future generationswhich in this case is Generation Z.

Generation Z wants more

The rise of Millennials and Gen Z in the labor market indicates a massive shift in needs that need to be met in professional life. They want more flexibility, empathy, and mental health care. They don't give up development opportunities and having their pains effectively heard. 

Global Talent Trends, 2022" shows that the highest priority when choosing a new job is the possibility of balance between personal and professional life:

  • 63% prioritize work/life balance 
  • 60% prioritize compensation and benefits
  • 40% prioritize Colleagues and culture 

Among the areas that most people see as needing investment is the opening up of opportunities for development

  • 59% Professional development opportunities 
  • 48% Flexible working 
  • 42% Care for mental health and well-being 
  • 35% Training of managers to lead remote and hybrid teams 
  • 26% Diversity and Inclusion 

Culture is a priority for candidates

In Brazil the percentage of 40% is equal to the global average as to the candidates that consider culture as the most important point when choosing a new job. The corporate culture underwent a change in 2020, becoming more focused on people.

With Covid-19, people began to reassess what is important in their lives. This includes career, family, physical and mental health, well-being, and personal satisfaction in their jobs. Therefore, even with the high unemployment registered in Brazil today we are still experiencing record records of resignation requests.

According to a survey by LCA Consultores, based on Caged (Cadastro Geral de Empregados e Desempregados) figures, March registered 603,000 layoffs. In February a record record for daily requestswith 560,272 resignation requests.

Professionals are creating relationships of trust and empathy with companies

Changes such as flexible schedules, evaluation by deliveries and not by hours worked, the possibility of working remotely, asynchronous communications with teams, and even the reduction to 4 days work with 3 days rest are becoming more and more common. 

In functions that cannot be performed remotely companies are organizing days without meetings or rest/leave periods. This is all a way to include all professionals in initiatives that value their well-being. Most importantly, these are changes that truly impact our relationship with work.

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