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Hello, how are you? This document is very important for Applicants and Users to understand how to make the best use of our Platform, so please read it carefully.

These Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms") apply to the use of the RECRUT.AI platform ("Platform"), whose services are provided by RECRUT.AI PROGRAMAS DE COMPUTADOR LTDA, which is also responsible for the management of the site recruit.ai e jobs.recrut.ai .

The acceptance of these Terms is indispensable for the use of the RECRUT.AI Platform and services. Therefore, for the correct use, You must read, make sure you have understood and accept all the conditions established in these Terms.

To use the services and the RECRUT.AI Platform, You must be over 18 years of age, if under the age of 18, you must have the consent of your parents or guardians. You must also have full capacity to enter into contracts according to the legislation of your country.

In case You do not agree with our Terms, we emphasize that You are free to decide whether or not to use the services made available by RECRUT.AI.

All questions, requests or notifications regarding this Term of Use should be sent to meajuda@recrutai.zendesk.com or access the "Help" menu on recruit.ai.


Candidate: a person who wishes to apply for jobs advertised by Clients using the Platform.

Client: companies that use the Platform to post job opportunities and find Candidates willing to participate in their selection processes, with the intention of integrating them to their team or forming a talent bank for future opportunities. The vacancies will be published upon the Client's decision on his or her Personalized Career Page.

Users: employees or collaborators of the Clients designated by them to access the RECRUT.AI Platform and manage their selection processes in any way.


When we use the term "You" we are referring to both Applicants and Users.


RECRUT.AI may update these Terms at any time in its sole discretion to reflect relevant changes in legislation or our practices. Whenever there is a material change, RECRUT.AI will use its best efforts to communicate You and request a new acceptance of the most current version. 


Nevertheless, we emphasize that whenever You apply for a position with any RECRUT.AI Client, You must accept the Terms in their most up-to-date version. 

Applications of Terms

These Terms will apply when You create your user account on the RECRUT.AI Platform and when You apply for any of our Clients' job openings. The Terms will only cease to apply if and when Your account is cancelled by RECRUT.AI or there is a termination of services between RECRUT.AI and its Clients.


RECRUT.AI may cancel accounts and take all legal actions in case of violation of these Terms.

Services provided by RECRUT.AI

RECRUT.AI offers its services to companies, Clients, that seek to automate the recruitment and selection process. We are an Artificial Intelligence Platform that recruits and selects the right talent. Our services allow Clients:


  • Mapping of the technical and behavioral profile of the company's positions;

  • Mapping of the technical and behavioral profile of the candidates;

  • Prediction of candidate behaviors in the work environment;

  • Conducting technical tests and behavioral assessments;

  • "Technical and behavioral match between the candidates registered for the open positions and the job profile requested by the Client.

Candidate and user information


RECRUT.AI does not request that the Candidate register on the Platform to apply for vacancies registered by Clients. Whenever You apply for a vacancy, You will need to supply the requested data and your resume.

Veracidade dos dados dos Candidatos: ao se candidatar a qualquer vaga de nossos Clientes, o Candidato se compromete a fornecer informações exatas, precisas e verdadeiras e a atualizar seus dados sempre que neles houver alguma alteração. A RECRUT.AI não se responsabilizará por dados pessoais inseridos incorretamente pelos Candidatos, que podem responder civil e criminalmente pela veracidade, exatidão e autenticidade dos dados cadastrados.

Veracidade dos dados dos Usuários: para acessar a Plataforma os Usuários se comprometem a fornecer informações exatas, precisas e verdadeiras e a atualizar seus dados sempre que neles houver alguma alteração. 

The Users cannot share their access information to the RECRUT.AI platform with any other person. RECRUT.AI is not responsible for personal data entered incorrectly or for the sharing of information.

Compartilhamento dos dados: seus dados serão tratados e armazenados no banco de dados da RECRUT.AI em ambiente seguro, observadas as tecnologias disponíveis e serão compartilhados apenas com o Cliente responsável pela vaga na qual Você se candidatou.

The Client may not share its data with third parties, if the Client violates this rule may be civilly and criminally liable for any damage it may cause to the Candidates. Exception to the rule occurs in cases where You apply to the Client's selection process that is a recruitment agency responsible for placing and/or identifying talent for a third party company, in which case the data will be shared with the company that holds the vacancy to which You applied.

We emphasize that RECRUT.AI does not share data between Clients, nor between distinct vacancies of the same Client. If you want to register for different vacancies, you must make a new registration for each vacancy.

Utilização dos seus dados pela RECRUT.AI: A RECRUT.AI poderá utilizar seus dados e informações para fazer análises estatísticas e realizar pesquisas sobre o mercado de trabalho e público-alvo estudado, sempre deixando seus dados anônimos, ou seja, sem que você possa ser identificado ou sem que possam ser usados para identificá-lo. A RECRUT.AI poderá divulgar e fazer uso dos resultados de tais estatísticas e pesquisas.

Applicant and user content


All information, data, text, programs, sound, photographs, graphics, videos, advertisements, messages and other materials submitted, inserted or displayed by the Candidate, User or Client are the sole responsibility of the person who produced and posted them on the Platform.

Profile mapping and testing

Each Client has the autonomy to design its recruitment and selection process according to its needs. Therefore, for some vacancies, the Candidate may be asked to answer technical tests and behavioral assessments.

The test results will be made available only to Clients in the selection processes that the Candidate applies for. These results will help Clients select Candidates. Any comments or recommendations made regarding these tests will only be accessed by the Client and its employees registered on the RECRUT.AI Platform.


The rules about "Data Sharing" also apply to this data.

Video Interview

RECRUT.AI has a mobile application called ENTREVIST.AI. It is through this application that the interviews and video recordings made available to the Client must occur. These Terms also apply to the use of ENTREVIST.AI, although to access the application, You will need to accept the Terms of Use once again.

The videos must be recorded according to pre-established parameters and guidelines set by the ENTREVIST.AI application. 

By agreeing to the Terms of ENTREVIST.AI You agree to make your recorded video available to Clients and to have the video analyzed using artificial intelligence technologies.

The videos will only be used for the selection process in which You applied, and will not be used for other selection processes for open positions by the Client or other Clients.


The videos, comments or recommendations made by the Client regarding the videos, will only be accessed by the Client and its employees registered on the RECRUT.AI Platform. The rules on "Data Sharing" also apply to this data.

Interview Scheduling


The Client may send to his or her e-mail options of dates and times for interviews. Whenever the Candidate selects one of these options, he/she is entirely responsible for the choice made, and the Client is responsible for confirming the appointment.

Applicant's and user's responsibilities

In using the RECRUT.AI Platform, Candidates can:

  • Apply for any vacancy you are interested in;

  • Share with others the public vacancies on Customers' career pages;

  • Provide truthful information to register for advertised vacancies;

In using the RECRUT.AI Platform, Users may:


  • Access the information of the Candidates enrolled in the vacancies assigned and authorized by the Client;

  • Use Candidate information only for recruitment and selection purposes;

  • Share with others the public vacancies on Customers' career pages;

Responsibilities of RECRUT.AI

RECRUT.AI is responsible for:

  • To provide a Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to help Clients post vacancies, create a talent pool, and perform technical and behavioral ranking of Candidates.

RECRUT.AI is not responsible for:


  • All content produced and published by the Clients, including: career pages, open positions, promotion of positions in channels other than the RECRUT.AI Platform;

  • Veracity of the information entered by the Candidates;

  • Sharing of login and password between Users, and it is the responsibility of Users to take care of and guard their non-transferable login and password information;

  • The selection process, the definition of its stages, the tests applied, and the interview model are the full responsibility of the Clients, as is the approval or elimination of the Candidates for the advertised vacancies;

  • Any communication between Candidate, Client and User that occurs outside the RECRUT.AI Platform;

  • Links to other sites (We advise You to carefully read the terms of use of other sites You may be directed to, for example, for testing purposes).

Privacy and data protection - Application of the General Data Protection Law, Law 13.709/2018 ("LGPD")

  1. RECRUT.AI, Candidate, Client and User who use the Platform declare that they will observe the provisions of Law 13.709/2018, which regulates the protection of personal data and Law 12.965/2014, which regulates the Marco Civil da Internet. All acknowledge and understand that personal data and sensitive personal data may be collected and that such data shall be processed strictly to ensure the execution of these Terms or to meet obligations required by applicable data protection legal provisions.

    The personal data will be treated automatically or manually and will be stored during the term of the Contract signed between the Parties and, after its termination, for a period not exceeding the periods defined in the applicable legislations, the parties being aware of the applicable rights, obligations and penalties contained in the LGPD.

    RECRUT.AI and Client undertake to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure, by themselves, as well as their staff, collaborators, employees and subcontractors who use the personal data, always in compliance with the principles of purpose, adequacy, transparency, free access, security, prevention and non-discrimination in the treatment of data.

    The responsibilities of RECRUT.AI and of the Client and its Users observe the limits, obligations and responsibilities established in the data protection legislation, especially in what is established in articles 42 to 45, of the LGPD.

    Each Client has the autonomy to structure his or her recruitment and selection process according to his or her needs using the resources made available on the RECRUT.AI Platform, being considered and held responsible as a Controller in his or her activities of elaborating questionnaires and evaluations, requesting documents and conducting interviews, according to his or her privacy policy, being responsible for obtaining the necessary consents.

    RECRUT.AI is not responsible for any communication, request and sending of documents and information between the Candidate and Clients and their Users carried out outside the RECRUT.AI Platform.

    RECRUT.AI is not responsible for any personal data, information or documents of candidates stored by the Client company or its Users outside the Platform. 

    RECRUT.AI will store the Candidates' personal data on the Platform for a period of 01 year, as indicated in its Privacy Policy. If the Client company wishes to store Candidate data outside the Platform or for a longer period than indicated, it shall obtain the necessary consents from the Candidate for the purposes indicated.

    In the event RECRUT.AI receives requests concerning the exercise of rights of holders of personal data (such as correction, deletion, anonymization or blocking of the data) it will notify the Client company within 48 hours. It is the responsibility of the Client company to take the same steps to repeat the identical procedure to meet the request of the data holder.

    The Client and its Users warrant that the personal data and sensitive personal data of the Candidates to which it has access or which is entrusted to them in any manner whatsoever will not be sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except with the written consent of the Candidate holder of the data, in cases where such information is necessary for its operations and legally permissible.

    Client and its Users must collaborate so that the personal information of the Candidate data owner is treated with the legally required level of protection to ensure its security and avoid alterations, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

    Client and its Users must diligently take all necessary measures to prevent the disclosure of any information, as well as to prevent such confidential information from falling into the public domain, being absolutely forbidden to disclose your password or any of your access data to third parties, even if they are work colleagues, relatives or friends.

    Client and its Users recognize that the duty of secrecy applies in a special and reinforced manner to personal, religious, financial, banking and tax data to which it has, had or will have access in the course of its activities, having a reinforced duty of absolute preservation of such data, being forbidden to use them for its own benefit or for the benefit of third parties.

    Embora o Cliente possa requerer a rescisão de suas relações contratuais com a RECRUT.AI e o cancelamento do perfil de seus Usuários, a RECRUT.AI poderá reter parte ou todas as informações prestadas em determinados casos, com a finalidade de resolver disputas ou reclamações, detectar problemas ou incidências e solucioná-los, e cumprir as disposições legais e contratuais aplicáveis. 

    Therefore, although RECRUT.AI undertakes to employ its best efforts, it may occur that not all personal information is definitively deleted, and we may keep your data for the following purposes:

    1. compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by;

    2. transfer to a third party, provided the data processing requirements set forth in the Law are met;

    3. exclusive use of RECUT.AI, its access by third parties being forbidden, and provided that the data is anonymized.

    The Client company hereby acknowledges that it is fully aware of all the rights of the holders of personal data guaranteed by the LGPD:

    1. confirmation of the existence of treatment;

    2. access to the data;

    3. correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

    4. anonymization, blocking, or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive, or processed in violation of the law;

    5. portability of the data to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, respecting commercial and industrial secrets;

    6. deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the data subject, except in the cases provided for by law;

    7. information from public and private entities with which the controller has shared data use;

    8. information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of refusal;

    9. revocation of consent at any time, upon express manifestation, ratifying the treatments performed under the protection of the previously manifested consent as long as there is no request for elimination.

Logging the browsing and interaction history of users

RECRUT.AI may record your browsing and interaction history on the RECRUT.AI Platform, with the purpose of understanding your preferences to improve the usability of the Platform and create better solutions and better content, as well as to meet legal and administrative needs in case of fraud or court order.

Handling of personal data


Caso você queira fazer alguma solicitação ou obter informações sobre o tratamento de seus dados pessoais, por favor enviei sua solicitação para dpo@recrut.ai



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