R&S tool with implementation in 15 days

Only R&S tool with implementation in 15 days

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We know how important it is to implement an R&S tool fast, after all your vacancies can't wait. To meet the demands of R&S as fast as possible our implementation is structured so that the user has autonomy from the first contact with the platform. Find out how one of our clients opened more than 40 vacancies in 2 days and selected 350 people in only 4 days.


RECRUT.AI takes only 3 weeks to complete the onboarding and in the first meeting together we open the first vacancy that is already advertised and begins to receive applications, not to mention that the client has the autonomy to manage the selections.

Implementation in 3 weeks

Our plug'n play R&S tool allows you to create and manage opportunities from week one. Our implementation is done in three steps: 


Week 1: In this first meeting, we deal with the system settings and finish with an open position advertised by the tool;


Week 2: In this stage, with more vacancies created and disseminated through the tool, we go into the functionalities that automate the process and explain in practice the candidates' progress in the process;


Week 3: here we will explain you all about Big 5 and Behavioral Prediction so you can surprise your managers by presenting finalists with a super FIT in every slot.

Constant customer follow-up!

The end of the implementation process is just the beginning! Therefore, we continue to follow up on the users' experience with regular Q&A meetingsand our super Customer Success (CS) team is always available to answer questions.


About our CS, we have an NPS of 100 points and our turnaround SLA is only 10 minutes for first response to clients. To top it off, our Knowledge Base is available 24/7 with lots of tips on how to best use your R&S tool.

Shorter selection time with the right R&S tool

Through the simplicity of implementation and intuitiveness of RECRUT.AI our clients achieve results that even seem impossible!


Like the case of Novo Atacarejo, which had 12 thousand registered in one week in the 43 opportunities announced. With Bomix, the six opportunities opened in the first stage reached reached 2,400 subscribers in one week, all without even publishing on LinkedIn.

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