An intelligent recruitment & selection software that uses technology to help you select the right candidates and will change the way you manage your selection processes from now on.

Meet the ATS of the future


Cognitive Screening

Complete the résumé screening stage in minutes! We analyze and rank the CVs you receive using advanced artificial intelligence techniques and contextual search.

Get rid of manual sorting forever


Personality Fit

Start choosing people with higher personality fit. Our models measure 21 behaviour markers to predict work environment behaviour.

Predict work environment behaviour


Location Analysis

Our life quality indicator estimates the distance and commuting time. It also provides daily cost based on the available public transportation fare.

Analyse the recruitment from numerous angles


Automatically schedule your interviews

Connect recruiters' and managers' agendas to RECRUT.AI and let us organize all possible time slots for candidate interviewing.

Speed up Hunting

We know how some specific profiles are hard to find. Sabemos como determinados perfis são difíceis de achar. Include public profiles from various professional networks in your funnel with just one click!


Real feedback for everyone

Our AI writes the most suitable feedback message based on pipeline stage, algorithm analysis and match between candidate and job profile. Everything 100% automatic so you don't have to bother with this ever again.
Ah, and we don't send negative feedbacks neither on Friday, nor Saturday or Saunday...


Create, approve, revise and publish job opportunities

In a platform that automates without bureaucracy your job approval processes. Create specific roles for approvers, viewers, recruiters, and department leaders.

Manage all stages of you selection pipeline

Keep your selection pipeline up to date in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. Send tests, schedule interviews, point out your favorites, comment and copy/paste or move candidates between positions: all in one place.

Define access profiles that suit your company

We have several types of user roles to allow you to setup how your team of Recruiters, Managers and Requestors interact with your selection processes with ease and much faster.
  • Create user roles combination based on your needs
  • Define profiles by company area
  • Narrow down the view of your users


Create more appealing career pages

Employer Branding

Make your brand shine! Use vibrant colors to create a lively and immersive experience for your candidates. Use our careers page to stand out from the crowd.

Perfect for Smartphones

More than 50% of all internet usage comes from smartphones. That is why our career pages were born ready for this hyper-connected world.

Include testemonials, pictures and videos

Make your page more interactive by adding photo galleries of your employees, testimonials and inspiring videos...

Candidates application in 50 segundos

Fast applications mean less friction and more candidates. We extract and process, on avarage, about 100 information per CV. WE rank the best candidates by asking them the minimal information.

Let your candidates express themselves!

Our lexical analyzer understands how your candidates express themselves through writing in order provide you with more accurate data and analysis, predicting behavior in the workplace using our Personality Fit algorithm.

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